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How to play IDLE TREE CITY X6:

Game is played with mouse.


Game Synopsis Written by 6xGames:

Welcome to Idle Tree City, where the charming world of arboreal architecture awaits your creative touch! Crafted by NoPowerup, this simulation game invites you to dive into the realm of idle management, where the mission is clear: assist adorable trees in constructing picturesque wooden abodes. Get ready to rake in the cash, snag upgrades, boost tree production, and witness the birth of an entire arboreal metropolis. Can you be the visionary behind the lushest tree city the world has ever laid eyes on?

In Idle Tree City, gameplay is as straightforward as a well-planted sapling. Simply tap or left-click your way through the virtual landscape, interacting with lands, objects, and diligent workers. Every click is a step towards the realization of your arboreal dream. Empty tiles? No problem! Plant a tree and watch your cityscape blossom before your eyes.

As the mayor of this pixelated woodland haven, your responsibilities extend beyond mere tapping. Make strategic decisions to amass wealth, enabling you to acquire game-changing upgrades. These enhancements turbocharge tree production, transforming your quaint wooden hamlet into a bustling, thriving city. The more trees you cultivate, the more cash flows into your coffers, creating a perpetual cycle of growth and prosperity.

Idle Tree City doesn't just stop at crafting a visually appealing green cityscape; it's a game that weaves strategy and creativity seamlessly. Challenge yourself to balance the delicate equilibrium between earning, spending, and expanding. The satisfaction of seeing your wooden city evolve into a flourishing urban oasis is unparalleled.

Get ready to embark on a journey where each tap propels you closer to arboreal greatness. From planting the first seed to overseeing the construction of majestic wood houses, the gameplay unfolds with a rhythm that's both relaxing and engaging. Will your city stand as a testament to your management prowess, or will it be just another cluster of trees lost in the virtual wilderness?

Idle Tree City beckons you to join the ranks of urban forestry enthusiasts and experience the joy of building a verdant utopia, one tree at a time. So, gear up, start clicking, and let the evolution of your wooden empire begin!

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