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How to play AWESOME TANKS X6:

WASD move | ARROWS move | MOUSE aim and shoot


Game Synopsis Written by 6xGames:

Engage in explosive tank warfare with Awesome Tanks, an action-packed online game that will test your combat skills and strategic thinking. Take command of a powerful tank, and your mission is crystal clear: obliterate enemy tanks, amass valuable coins, and lay waste to their base to conquer each level.
Customize your tank's capabilities and armament by wisely investing the collected funds. Enhance your tank's performance, bolster its armor, improve visibility, and boost its movement speed. With a selection of six devastating weapons at your disposal, you'll have the tools to dominate the battlefield.
Navigation is a breeze, with arrow keys to maneuver your tank, mouse control for precise aiming, and a simple click to unleash a barrage of firepower. Keep an eye out for bonus items hidden within destructible crates and snatch up gold coins left behind by vanquished foes. Can you triumph over the challenge and emerge victorious through all 15 levels of Awesome Tanks? Engage in the battle now and prove your tank commander prowess!

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