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WASD or ARROWs for playing.


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Get ready for a gravity-defying thrill with Super Falling Fred, the latest heart-pounding addition to the renowned "Fred Series" by Dedalord. This free online web game is all about the descent – challenge yourself to plummet down the endless abyss while skillfully avoiding a barrage of obstacles that stand between you and the bottom.

Engage in the adrenaline-pumping gameplay as you navigate your character through the treacherous path using the arrow keys on your trusty keyboard. The objective is simple: fall as far as you can without colliding with anything in your way. It's a test of your reflexes and strategic finesse as you dodge obstacles and strive for the highest score possible.

Just like its predecessor, Running Fred, Super Falling Fred 6x showers you with a cascade of rewards the deeper you descend. Rack up points by skillfully maneuvering your character through the perilous journey. And beware – a collision with your character's skull is a game over, so stay sharp and agile to extend your free fall.

What adds an extra layer of excitement to Super Falling Fred is the variety of characters at your disposal. Choose from a diverse roster including Fred, Ogama B. Ladder, Haward Sparks, Zombie Fred, Jamie Prince, Martin Castor, Outragious B., Crash T. Dummy, M. Gandalfi, Mental Dude, and Emotika Diva. Each character brings a unique flavor to the plummeting experience, offering a fresh perspective and challenge to master.

To enhance your descent, collect coins scattered throughout your fall and unlock special power-ups or switch to a new character. The in-game currency allows you to customize your gameplay, making every descent a unique and thrilling adventure.

Super Falling Fred x6 isn't just a game; it's a downward spiral of excitement, challenges, and endless entertainment. So, buckle up and take the plunge into this gravity-fueled escapade. Can you beat your own record and become the ultimate falling champion? The abyss awaits your descent, and the thrill is only a keystroke away.

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