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How to play IDLE LIGHT CITY X6:

Play the game with mouse.


Game Synopsis Written by 6xGames:

Welcome to Icy Idle Light City, a captivating management game crafted by NoPowerup that beckons you into a city shrouded in darkness. Your mission? Illuminate the city by taking charge of the bustling lightbulb factory. Begin your luminous journey with a single building, gradually unlocking new structures and infusing them with light to boost your earnings.

Dive into the world of urban enlightenment as you strategically run the lightbulb factory. Your primary objective is to produce as many lightbulbs as possible, transforming the gloomy town into a radiant spectacle. The key to success lies in unlocking new buildings, each contributing to the city's revival.

As the city manager, you'll harness the power of various upgrades and power-ups to maximize your earnings and expedite the lightbulb production process. Keep a keen eye on the evolving cityscape, continuously expanding and lighting up new structures to amass wealth.

Take control of your destiny by interacting with the game at your convenience, accelerating lightbulb production whenever you have a spare moment. Alternatively, observe the city's transformation unfold effortlessly as it regains its brilliance on its own.

Engage with the charming citizens of the town and establish yourself as their beacon of hope. Immerse yourself in the dynamic gameplay, clicking or tapping on empty slots or buildings to select and strategically place units. Explore the myriad building options in pop-up windows, following on-screen instructions to optimize your city's radiant future.

Do you possess the power to illuminate an entire town and become its savior? Embark on your managerial journey, unlock new buildings, interact with adorable citizens, and watch as Icy Idle Light City transforms from darkness to dazzling radiance. Light up the city, one bulb at a time!

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